Hot Sauce Society Chilli Festival @Dogstar, Brixton

Steve aka "The Lazy Scientist" has been a chilli aficionado going on over 20 years. It was around 2015 and a move to London in pursuit of a new career in teaching that the art of fermentation began to play a much bigger part and led in turn to the registering of a food business producing small batches of hot sauce, which are now the staple of many a local dining table and commercial establishment.

It all began with the discovery of a local home brew supplies shop in Brixton. Steve decided to use the experience earnt in his university days and industrial pharmaceutical laboratories to hone a new skillset involving some rather remarkable microorganisms. From beer and Mead came naturally fermented pickles, kimchi and chilli mashes, then Kombucha and more recently still a journey into the ancient Japanese art of Miso production. All of this knowledge has culminated in some rather interesting concoctions and flavours… some of which have even made it to market!

However it wasn’t until 2018, following some nurturing conversations with friends he decided it was high time to put everything learnt to the test and see if a larger audience, who were similarly enthusiastic about melting their faces could be reached… Thus "The Lazy Scientist" was born.

Steve follows an ethos of sustainability; choosing only the finest, fresh ingredients he can source either from his own garden or that of family and friends who grow a variety of both rare and interesting chillies year on year, or by supporting the Brixton economy and working together with the market traders on Electric Avenue who have an abundance of exotic ingredients to bring to the table.

Lazy Scientist Sauces have now become infamous in the local brewery tap rooms, food shops and South London chilli festivals. Steve can quite often be found at these venues touting his wares and rambling about all things fermented. If you spot him, go say hello… and buy some sauce!


Smallbatch Hot Sauce Handcrafted in Brixton