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BBQ Season Sauce And Seasoning Gift Pack

BBQ Gift Pack 

What’s Inside:

  • Chip: Smoky Sweet Chipotle BBQ Sauce 

    • Imagine tender ribs, kissed by hickory smoke, slathered in my chipotle-infused elixir. Chip strikes the perfect balance between smokiness and sweetness—a campfire serenade for your taste buds. 
  • Ol’ Smokey Espresso and Maple Rub 

    • Dad’s secret weapon! This rub combines bold espresso richness with comforting maple warmth. Whether grilling steak, chicken, or veggies, Ol’ Smokey adds depth and complexity. It’s the ultimate wake-up call for weekend cookouts! 
  • Brixton Blues Blueberry and Aromatics Sauce 

    • Brace yourselves—game-changer alert! Brixton Blues dances on the edge of sweet and tangy, with plump blueberries and aromatic spices. Marinade chicken, glaze ribs, or brush it on BBQ chicken—the flavour journey awaits. 


Why My Bundle Rocks:

  • Locally Sourced Ingredients: I support our community and celebrate regional flavours.
  • Handcrafted with Love: Each bottle reflects our BBQ passion.


BBQ Gift Pack


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