Vegan Hot Syrup - Carolina Reaper

Vegan Hot Syrup - Carolina Reaper


Mouthwatering chilli infused organic agave syrups. But how do I use them you ask? Well that’s easy! They go on EVERYTHING!!! These syrups are a vegan alternative to Hot honey or infused Maple Syrup so just substitute in wherever you like. From breakfast porridge, overnight oats, waffles, pancakes, bacon, cheese, ALL the deep fried beige foods, pizza, puddings, ice cream and as a cheeky drizzle on cakes.


I've espedially enjoyed using this with fried or baked foods as a drizzle or dip but it also work well as a fianl glaze on grilled tofu kebabs.


They are also banging in a cocktail so why not try a MargaReaper!

50ml Tequila

25ml lime juice

15ml Carolina Reaper VHS

Shake with ice and serve!


I've used the syrups for many thins so far such as  in salad dressings and as glazes for tofu and halloumi.


The only limit is your imagination!!!


Recommend to purchase a syrup pourer cap with the 250ml/500ml bottles.

Vegan Hot Syrup - Carolina Reaper