Vegan Hot Syrup - Ancho & Chipotle

Vegan Hot Syrup - Ancho & Chipotle


Mouthwatering chilli infused organic agave syrups. But how do I use them you ask? Well that’s easy! They go on EVERYTHING!!! These syrups are a vegan alternative to Hot honey or infused Maple Syrup so just substitute in wherever you like. From breakfast porridge, overnight oats, waffles, pancakes, bacon, cheese, ALL the deep fried beige foods, pizza, puddings, ice cream and as a cheeky drizzle on cakes.


The incredible smokiness of the Chipotle Chilli really shines through in this syrup and with little to no heat at all makes it ideal for both adults and children to enjoy together.  I highly recommend this on breakfast waffles but it pairs well with a huge variety of breakfast morsels as well as adding an interesting twist to vanilla ice cream or  fresh coffee! 


How about a Smoky Old Fashioned?!

50ml bourbon or rye whisky

1/2 Tbl Ancho & Chipotle VHS

1/2 Tbl water

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Stir together with ice Take a strip of orange peel and rub around rim of the glass and pop in to serve


I’ve also used the Ancho & Chipotle VHS in coffee to add a subtle smokey twist as well as using the syrups in salad dressings and as glazes for tofu and halloumi.


The only limit is your imagination!!!


Recommend to purchase a syrup pourer cap with the 250ml/500ml bottles.

Vegan Hot Syrup - Ancho & Chipotle