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Cold Smoked Chilli Salt

Cold Smoked Chilli Salt


🌶️ Warning: Seriously Addictive Heat! Introducing my Cold Smoked Chilli Salt. 🌶️


Introducing my Cold Smoked Chilli Salt, straight from the smoker. I start with high-quality pink Himalayan salt and cold smoke it using beech wood for a unique, rich flavour. Then, I blend in homegrown Mini Meanie chillies, a compact and fiery variety similar to the Habanero or Fatalii peppers, to create a spicy and smoky seasoning that will take your dishes to the next level. This Cold Smoked Chilli Salt is perfect for adding a kick to grilled meats, roasted vegetables, or even popcorn. Try it as a finishing touch on avocado toast or mixed into a margarita for a delicious twist. Experience the perfect balance of heat and smokiness with my unique chilli salt.


This is a one of a kind experimental batch so only 10 available!

Cold Smoked Chilli Salt


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