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Updated: May 23, 2021

Huge thanks to Dylan for the great post he did on me for the UK BBQ and Smoking Group on Facebook.

This weeks special guest is Steve Rushton AKA The Lazy Scientist founder of Lazy Scientist Ltd he makes his own exceptional chilli sauces produced with local fresh ingredients that are local to him.

He is a man that knows his chillies and is also a bit of a brain box he has a PhD in synthetic chemistry and started his own chemical business when he left university he then retrained as a science teacher and now teaches in an inner city school In London. He lives local to Brixton and sources his products from a local market based off Electric avenue in Brixton, London.

All of his sauces are gluten free, vegan and extremely tasty... You must must try his sauce Wing Ting' it’s awesome.

He has a good range of sauces including his signature sauces Mango Reaper and Brixton hot sauce.

I would recommend anybody to give his sauces a go and also it’s always good to support a local small business in these difficult times and a market saturated with at best a lot of mediocre sauces that are hot for the sake of it.

The lazy scientists sauces have flavour that would compliment many many bbq dishes, the Mango Reaper is brilliant with griddled chicken and the Brixton hot sauce compliments cheese dishes so well a few drops on your cheese burger or for the brave, in your Jalapeño poppers! Oh yes!! Hot salt would be devilishly divine with any vegetables on the grill to give them a lovely kick and wake them up.

Check him out on Facebook and also have a look at his website

I highly recommend that you go check out the Facebook Group as it is an absolute treasure trove of expertise on all things BBQ with some truly wonderful humans who are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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